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Paul’s proven and practical expert courses and training allows employees to acquire new skills, perform better, increase productivity and be better leaders.

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Paul has successfully adapted his award-winning real world training to work virtually.

“Whilst we may be remote working, we can still connect and deliver content that engages and inspires wherever you are in the world.”

-Paul Boross MBE


Presentation Skills;

Learn from the best. Develop greater impact, greater influence and a measurably increased success rate.

Media Training;

With 30+ years on TV, radio and stage, Paul knows every tip and techniques that it takes to make the right impression in every media, every time.

Pitching Masterclass

Paul brings The Pitching Bible to life with a toolkit of psychology, performance, communication and storytelling techniques to keep clients coming back.

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Leader on the pitch

Inspired by the bestselling book and delivered by legendary leaders in their fields. This unique and compelling course shows the psychological and practical path to help every leader succeed.


“If you want to get a head start in leadership, Scott Quinnell & Paul Boross are the guys to follow.”

Sir Clive Woodward


Leader On The Pitch

You can learn from legends. As business culture becomes ever more leaders need to know how to influence with integrity and the psychological secrets to success.

The Legendary Leader

Paul has worked with legendary leaders all over the globe and has unpacked their skillsets so you can learn them too.

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Business starts with a pitch but quickly ends if it doesn’t punch through. 

If you’re not winning your fair share, get an unfair advantage with the perfect pitch prescription.

Pitch book covers

“Game-changing pitching skills are essential to success”

-Paul Boross MBE


The Seven Secrets of a Successful Pitch

Based on the Amazon bestselling book The Pitching Bible, Paul brings shows the psychological secrets that will make your pitch stand out from the crowd.

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Closing Pitch

The difference between a good pitch and a great one is closing. Learn Paul’s top tips to open the door to the close.

Perfect Pitch

Paul is widely recognised as the best in the business and his perfect pitch course shows that pitch perfection is possible.

Pitch Coaching

As The Pitch Doctor, Paul has earned the reputation as the person that people and companies turn to when they need to perfect their pitch.

Pitching for Teams

For a team pitch to work you have to understand the dynamics. Paul’s experience with winning teams in business media, and sport will give you the insights that increase team communication and pitch conversion.

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