Training excellence

Paul Boross MBE has become the go-to coach for many of the world’s top professional communicators.

Why? Because his training sessions deliver words that work, messages that land & skills that stick!

Pitching Masterclass

Business starts with a pitch – call for The Pitch Doctor and join the roster of corporates who have discovered that his prescription works

Sales Training

So how valuable is sales training? Ask The Pitch Doctor’s clients how much business they have booked from his ‘absolutely magical’ training

Leadership Training

Leadership isn’t a skill you’re born with and there’s no better guide along the path to the top than Paul Boross

Executive coaching

Who guides the guiders and takes care of the carers? One answer is Paul Boross


Corporate-training clients from all over the world have sought Paul’s highly effective and specialised skills to develop sales managers, business leaders, account executives, CEOs and professional influencers at all levels.

As a business trainer and business coach, Paul’s level of experience is second to none. He uses his breadth of experience and depth of personal investment in training to bring new insights and new levels of performance to any executive, account-management team or sales team.

Explore this section and find out how important it is to find the training that really fitsyour particular situation and your audience needs, be it a Pitching Masterclass, Leadership Training or Executive coaching. In this section:

 Training brands for success

Stimulating and motivating. Entertaining whilst educating. Leading-edge psychology that makes messages stick.


“Several of the global board worked with Paul Boross on the lead up to APM last year and significantly gained from the experience...

Warren East CBE

CEO, Rolls-Royce Holdings (former CEO of ARM Holdings


“The thing about The Pitch Doctor’s training is that it works. It’s not quite magic — but your results will be”

Ian Haworth

Chairman & Global Chief creative officer, RAPP/WPP Advertising


Paul is delightfully relentless, patient, nurturing and calm - a rare combination that makes him a joy to work with.

Alex Mahon

CEO, Channel 4