People say the nicest things

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As Richard Branson says about Paul:

“Funny = money and Paul is the king of keynotes.”

Richard Branson



“Paul certainly has a zing – there is no sitting back when he’s on his feet His after dinner Pitch talk was engaging, informative and the audience were with him every step of the way. Such fun.” 

Christine Bamford

CEO, Women’s Coin Financial Services & Education Foundation

“Paul Boross never fails to get his message across to his audience in the most entertaining and motivational fashion. He is the communication expert’s expert”

Jon Briggs

Voice of Siri in UK & BBC TV’s The Weakest Link., Owner, Excellent Talent


I was lucky enough to secure Paul as a speaker at a recent event for the Vodafone. To say that Paul was a massive hit is an understatement. He has a remarkable knack for reading an audience and making his content feel personal to everyone in the room. Most crucially, he invigorates his listeners with a tangible energy and enthusiasm that lasts long after he’s finished. He’s the superstar of any line up.

Kylie Cuff

Innovation Manager, Business Development & Innovation, Vodafone


“Paul is a funny, entertaining and seriously knowledgeable provider of top class speaking and learning. He shares the magic formula that brings success. He is the undisputed king of this space.”

Orliath Carmody

Board member & Chair of Board of Directors, RTÉ Television & HCCI

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Paul is a truly remarkable speaker, trainer and person. He has the rare ability to connect with everyone in the room very quickly in a genuine way. I’m a big fan of his work!”

Maximilian Bolenius

Senior Vice President German speaking Europe & Israel, FremantleMedia


“Several of the global board worked with Paul Boross on the lead up to APM last year and significantly gained from the experience. This year we have asked Paul to give us more time and support in order to help us continue to develop our presentation skills. I am sure that you, like me will want to continue to learn and grow together.”

Warren East CBE

CEO, Rolls-Royce Holdings (former CEO of ARM Holdings


“The thing about The Pitch Doctor’s training is that it works. It’s not quite magic — but your results will be”

Ian Haworth

Chairman & Global Chief creative officer, RAPP/WPP Advertising


Paul is delightfully relentless, patient, nurturing and calm – a rare combination that makes him a joy to work with.

Alex Mahon

CEO, Channel 4