Corporate speaker - Paul Boross MBE

Humour isn’t just a laugh — in Paul Boross’ hands, it’s powerful learning mechanism, creating a mood of openness and making audiences more receptive to insights and information

“Leader on the Pitch”

Corporate speaker

Paul Boross MBE has achieved worldwide acclaim over the past 25 years as an experienced and entertaining corporate speaker. He’s done this in industries as diverse as media, communications, IT, communications and the public sector, with clients such as Virgin, Google, Nissan, JP Morgan, MTV, Nestlé, the BBC, Vodafone, NatWest, the NHS, Natixis and Wellcome Trust.

As a corporate speaker, Paul’s breadth of experience is second to none, and he always stands out among other event speakers and inspirational speakers. He can complement any corporate event or conference programme, either as a main speaker for your keynote or opening session, or as a specialist guest speaker for subjects including sales, pitching, communication skills, influencing, motivation and leadership. Paul’s expertise as a leadership speaker is captured in his book, ‘Leader on the Pitch’, co-authored with international rugby star Scott Quinnell.

Paul Boross holding his award for Best International Corporate Speaker

Virgin, Google, Nissan, JP Morgan, MTV, Nestlé, the BBC, Vodafone, NatWest, the NHS…

Paul’s years of experience performing improvisational stand-up at London’s prestigious Comedy Store, his skills as a motivational comic and his reputation for making corporate audiences laugh while they learn make him a perfect leadership speaker and inspirational speaker. As a celebrity speaker, the actor and comedian Mike Myers says: “Paul Boross is a very highly regarded performer who has a great reputation amongst his peers and public alike.”

To be a great corporate speaker, humour is essential as it makes the audience more receptive and responsive and therefore able to learn better. Which is why so many organisations use keynote speakers at sales conferences, customer events, product launches and partner functions to reward and entertain, as well as to inform and influence.

Whether you’re searching for a funny speaker or someone who can deliver a serious message with real impact, Paul knows how to create and lead engaging, captivating and inspiring sessions on a wide variety of business, professional and educational topics.

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The best keynote speakers reward and entertain, as well as inform and influence

Discover the keynote speaker skills that Paul has adapted successfully to the lockdown, using humour as the glue that holds each and all of us together at this critical time. Connect with Paul today.