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Paul Boross Speaker – Long Reel

6 mins

Paul Boross Virtual Training The Psychology of Communication

4 mins

Paul Boross Speaker – Short Reel

Find more about Paul Boross, keynote speaker and motivational speaker, is an inspirational business psychologist who packs a punchline.

Paul Boross Virtual Training 

The Psychology of Communication. See how Paul has successfully adapted his award-winning real world training to deliver online, wherever you and your team are working today.

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Closing Pitch - About the course

The difference between a good pitch and a great one is closing. Learn Paul’s top tips to open the door to the close.

Leader on the Pitch - About the course

Inspired by the bestselling book and delivered by legendary leaders in their fields.

Leader on the Pitch - Deep dive details

Inspired by the bestselling book and delivered by legendary leaders in their fields.

Pitching for Teams - About the course

For a team pitch to work you have to understand the dynamics. Paul’s experience with winning teams in business media, and sport will give you the insights that increase team communication and pitch conversion.

Pitch Coaching - About the course

As The Pitch Doctor, Paul has earned the reputation as the person that people and companies turn to when they need to perfect their pitch.

Media Training - About the course

With 30+ years on TV, radio and stage, Paul knows every tip and techniques that it takes to make the right impression in every media, every time.

Presentation Skills - About the course

Learn from the best. Develop greater impact, greater influence and a measurably increased success rate.

Perfect Pitch - About the course

Paul is widely recognised as the best in the business and his perfect pitch course shows that pitch perfection is possible.


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