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Paul at The Best You Expo 2020

Written by Paul Boross

Paul Boross, keynote speaker and motivational speaker, dubbed the ‘King of Keynotes’ by Sir Richard Branson, is an inspirational business psychologist who packs a punchline. STAND-UP COMEDIAN • TV PSYCHOLOGIST • POP STAR • BUSINESS GURU


In these ‘virtual times’ a lot of my work is for corporate companies wanting to give their employees the edge when it comes to pitching and presentations online. At the core of everything I do is humour (keep an eye out for the Humourology podcast coming soon). 

Whilst all comedians will tell you that it is difficult to deliver comedy without a tight-packed audience in front of you, there are still things that you can do to get humour across in this current virtual world.

Be animated – as human beings we react off the body language and facial expressions of others. So, when you are doing a virtual presentation, make sure you are giving people the best visual cues possible. Imagine that you’re speaking to a live audience who are loving your performance!

Connect with the camera – all too often, people avoid looking ‘down the bottle‘ (lens) and end up looking slightly shifty to the viewers. You could put a photo of someone special behind the camera to give you someone to focus on and talk to.

Vary your tonality – this can be difficult without real audience feedback, yet if you want to excite people you have to sound enthusiastic and excited yourself. How many times have you heard someone speak in a monotone voice and ended up thinking, ‘kill me now!’


Most of my online sessions are restricted to the specific businesses with who I am working, however, I have a session for The Best You Expo in Los Angeles, which is open to all comers. Tune in next Monday at 7:00 pm (London time) and see if I live up to my own advice.

If you don’t learn something and laugh at least once… you can have your money back!

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This is the 4th year speaking and hosting at The Best You Expos in London and Los Angeles and it’s always an inspiring, motivating and powerful experience.

Find out more about the best in personal development here.

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Check out some of the inspirational talent I’ll be speaking with at The Best You Expo in Los Angeles

  • Jack Canfield: Speaking legend. America’s #1 Success Coach. Author & co-authour of more than 200 books including Chicken Soup For The Soul
  • Marisa Peer: Named ‘Britain’s Best Therapist’ by Men’s Health Magazine. A client list that includes Superstars, CEOs, Royalty and Olympic athletes
  • Bernardo Moya: Entrepreneur, author, publisher, TV producer & promoter of some of the biggest names in Personal Development
  • Les Brown: The legendary inspirational inspirer, speaker & author. Toastmasters voted him Top Five Outstanding Speakers
  • Matthew Knowles: Author, professor, speaker, music mogul,  (Father & Manager of Beyonce) Also managed Destiny’s Child, Chaka Khan, Earth Wind and Fire
  • Bill Walsh: Speaker. Venture Capitalist. CEO Powerteam International. GURU Magazine Top 30 Business Coach in the World for last 5 years

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