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Written by Paul Boross

Paul Boross, keynote speaker and motivational speaker, dubbed the ‘King of Keynotes’ by Sir Richard Branson, is an inspirational business psychologist who packs a punchline. STAND-UP COMEDIAN • TV PSYCHOLOGIST • POP STAR • BUSINESS GURU


Over my career, I haven’t been featured on too many magazine covers but it always comes as a nice surprise.

However, this most recent one sent my mind spinning back to the first time when I was 18 and did Photo Love magazine to earn a bit of extra pocket money.

Cover Star Paul

They didn’t have Photoshop back then but I suspect that there may be just a tad of airbrushing on this latest one!
So, what lessons have I learnt in the intervening years that might be of some help or interest to you?

  1. Love what you do and never lose the childlike wonder when something good happens.
  2. Always show gratitude. (Thank you so much to Mirela Sula and the amazing Global Man team. I really appreciate the interview and the special honour of being on the cover.)
  3. Avoid complaining; Just work harder. Never give up. Good things will come to those with the right attitude and patience. And most importantly…
  4. Be prepared to laugh at yourself. When I was 18, eight of my friends found and bought copies of Photo Love magazine in a shop in Brighton. That night, they all came up to our local pub brandishing a copy and fully intent on embarrassing the hell out of me in front of a packed pub full of Saturday night revellers. They succeeded. However, the more I accepted that I had put myself up to be shot down and laughed along with them, the more we came together and bonded. We are all ridiculous at times. Accept it. It merely humanises us.

PS. I am hoping that this current magazine trajectory will mean that, within the next five years, I will be on the cover of Vogue. When that happens, please feel free to keep royally taking the piss. 

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